LIVE in the MOMENT!!

This past Friday, I shared a new way of celebrating TGIF.TGIF FB Post

T: I’m TRUSTING that sharing my story is enough to inspire others that they too can live a life of happiness. 

G: I’m GRATEFUL that I have a loving husband and cat that make my home a home. Without them I’m lost!

I: I’m INSPIRED by people who take a chance to just LIVE in the moment with our new program CIZE. I could watch clips of people dancing all day. Who wants to join my crew when I take on this program?! You BEST believe I’m going to unleash my inner diva with this program!

F: I’m practicing my FAITH by reading every day to find courage to believe in what cannot be seen and to let go of the fear of uncertainty. ‪#‎GiftofImperfection‬

I know it’s NOT Friday but I wanted to share this clip of CIZE in the hopes that you will feel just as, if not more, INSPIRED than I do! (call it hormones but I just want to cry watching this clip because this program is for e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e… any shape, size, age, etc). I’m in love with the concept that you have to let go of all your insecurities and just LIVE in the MOMENT! Dance is such a universal way to feel good – but even better you are working your body in the process. And what better place to do it that than in your own home!


I’m looking for 5 more people to hop in my crew to do this program WITH ME!! It will be my first post baby program and I want to be sure I have some accountability just like you may need. Click here to get in contact with me on how you can save this month (August 2015) on the program. Don’t miss out on this one. I’m unleashing my inner diva and can’t wait to dive in to feel back to myself! Will you be one of the 5 coming with me?! Share with a friend if this isn’t for you but may be for someone you know! xo ♥

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