Taking Back the Control

If you’ve been struggling with unhealthy eating habits, an overdependence on caffeine, junk food, or alcohol…or if you’ve just been experiencing low energy and a sluggish feeling… you need to commit to a clean break from unhealthy habits. The Beachbody Ultimate Reset was my step-by-step guide to do just that.

On January 12, 2017 I started a 21 day cleanse called The Ultimate Reset. It wasn’t my first rodeo with this cleanse as I did it once before, years prior. It helped me immensely before so I knew it was time to dive in again. Let me explain how it all works before I give you the juice on the results I had!

It’s not easy. The program was not designed to be easy. Anything worth having typically takes work. But the results are worth every ounce of effort put forth. This program required a level of discipline, organization and focus of me. There is a daily eating plan and supplementation schedule that needed to be followed. I had to make sure I had all the foods on hand and the time to prepare them each day (or in bulk which saved me time).

As I mentioned, the program is 21 days with three phases – each phase one week long. Let me give you a general overview of what each phase is designed to do. It just may blow your mind that your body can transform in such profound ways in only 21 days.

Phase 1 is where you’ll RECLAIM your body. This means you’re preparing your body for changes as you gradually remove foods such as meat and dairy from your diet. These are known to cause stress on the digestive system. If you’re a meat and dairy kinda gal/guy, don’t fret … it’s going to be ok. Life surely goes on and you’d be surprised at how much better your body feels from the break.

Phase 2 you will RELEASE unwanted compounds that have been holding your body back from optimal performance – this is your detox phase. Don’t worry you will not be strapped to the toilet or unable to leave your house :) This cleanse is not meant to tax your body like other cleanses most think of. During week two you take additional supplements that gently cleanse the colon and provide digestive support while you enjoy a fully vegan diet.

Lastly, in Phase 3 (I find the most challenging) you RESTORE your body back to it’s factory settings so-to-speak. During this week, you’re putting nutrients, enzymes and pre- and probiotics back into your body while the focus is mostly fruits and veggies.

I took this very seriously as I found myself losing control over my eating habits. I recruited my mom to do it with me as a fresh way to begin a new year. Here are my results – physically …


I lost 10 lbs and 17 inches from my body!!! In just 21 days. As I said earlier – it’s not easy but the results are totally worth it. Physical results are what others see but I want to share with you an internal transformation that happened as well.

I found myself sleeping soundly. Prior to starting this cleanse I would toss and turn through the night and sometimes be up for hours at a time. I would wake up feeling tired.

Throughout my cleanse I did a light exercise program called the Three Week Yoga Retreat. At the beginning of my cleanse I would wake up congested and be unable to breath in AND out of my nose because I thought I’d spray boogies all out by exhaling through my nose. As I progressed in my cleanse, this slowly went away too.

I finally felt in control of my eating. By following the guide, I was feeding my body exactly what it needed. I was not hungry throughout the day and did not have extreme cravings at all. I didn’t care about snacking which is typically my ultimate downfall. There were days when I wanted bread or chocolate but for the most part I was content with the foods I was eating as they’re super yummy and satisfying.

Overall this cleanse is as much of an internal transformation as it is physical. I learned all over again (remember I did it once before) that I’m an emotional eater. I eat when I’m stressed, frustrated, happy, you name it. I also realized that I’m a habitual eater – I eat because it’s “lunch time” or “it’s 10am must be time for a snack!” Don’t feel like working – make something to eat!  I never truly listened to my body and because of this I found I was eating to satisfy thirst instead of hunger. Had I not gone through this process, I would still be spiraling out of control with my habits. It’s so hard to reel them back in without structure to follow and this was exactly what I needed!

So I encourage you, if you’re feeling like you need something to help you – just try this! It’s worth the financial investment in yourself as well as the emotional investment! It’s life changing and I promise you won’t regret it. You’ll gain so much more than you’ll lose and that’s the best part!! If you’d like support during the process, go get your reset kit HERE and I’ll be in touch!

Until next time, practice self love and kindness. Be nice to yourself and take each day as it comes!

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